1960s Art college exercise

Abstract ~ Ed Buziak (Untitled, 1963, 20” x 30”)

I originally posted this abstract painting from my art college 1963 year on a couple of Tumblr sites thought to use it again to illustrate an interesting article on Tyler Tyrvooren’s “Advanced Riskology” site “How Long Does it Take to Create a Masterpiece?” in which he writes…

“…it’s an innocent question and the person asking is just curious how long it takes a professional to create something they can’t imagine creating themselves. Sometimes, though, the question isn’t so innocent… it’s a criticism of an artist’s work. It’s meant as an underhanded way to say, “That’s so simple. I could have made that myself in an hour.” Rude, no doubt, but people do ask.

Far more interesting than the question, though, is the answer. An artist who’s unsure of himself and his work might answer something like, “Oh, it took me about 2 hours, and I used 2 tubes of paint. I screwed up once, so I had to buy a new canvas. It cost about $20.” On the other hand, the artist that’s confident in his work recognizes the question and simply answers, “My whole life.”

Image © 1963 Ed Buziak


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