Night and Day


My impression and rendering of the first rays of fiery light from the sun reflected from the undersides of stormy clouds but before breaking the horizon, so separating night and day… as seen on an early morning Autumnal walk across my local French countryside… “Night and Day” measuring 81 x 60 cms.

This was the last painting I completed last November – a couple of days before my wife passed away – and I didn’t touch any art materials for another seven months because of suffering a major heart attack in April this year. Since June, however, I have been extra productive more or less every day… I have many ideas to put on canvas and paper before my time is finally up!

It is for sale at Saatchi Art online…

  1. isabella said:

    So pretty!

  2. Thank you Isabella… it was a memorable pre-sunrise scene as I walked across the countryside (I walk a few miles every morning because I sold my car four years ago to stay fit) and although I took several shots with my Nikon, the feeling wasn’t captured until I painted it.

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