Action Man Blue


During the later stages of the recent football World Cup (which I didn’t watch on TV as I have no connection or access, even if I had wanted to… which I didn’t) I made a few visual scribbles from newspaper reports with brightly coloured wax crayons in a sketchpad recording which teams were playing each other by noting the dominant colours their national flags used, and in what pattern or sequence.

Perhaps thankfully, although it did help my thoughts on artistic composition, the English team were eliminated in the knock-out stages… I say thankfully because painting in an abstract style the Union Flag (what the BBC always incorrectly refer to as the Union Jack) would have been overly complex; and their strip, principally their shirts, being white would have been rather nondescript to say the least.


Well, the World Cup has been played and won and won’t be around for another four years… so my opportunity to be literally “on the ball” with my timing of a portfolio of subjects to appeal to supporters of those sporting nations has no possibility of going into “extra time”. However, I do have a finished example of what I was thinking of for that particular the with “Action Man Blue” – a 60 x 80 cmd semi-abstract acrylic work on canvas, painted with the same broad 100 cms (4 inch) brush and a similar technique as described in my previous WordPress blog entry entitled “Scrape”.

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak


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