Organic State #1


Have been working in my studio for much of the day on ‘dribble’ paintings using a fully-charged brush of slightly watered-down (between milk and single cream in consistency) acrylic paint on a 45° sloping sheet of heavy, smooth watercolour paper 64 x 45 cms (25 x 17.5 inches) in size. The extra-warm weather allowed me to overlay several coats of paint in a single day without them smudging, mixing or merging. Normally in the cooler months a work of this apparent complexity would have to be spread over two days to allow for drying.

I completed two large pieces today (“Organic State #2” will be uploaded tomorrow) and started a third on the same theme later in the afternoon using a sheet of 75 x 56 cms thin, buff-coloured cardboard rather than watercolour paper to as to study the absorbency effect and also to see how the tonality of the paint changed on a more absorbent, duller surface.


Here in “Organic State #1” I have used a full palette of colours in trying to express the slow movement of forms intermingling with each other, sometimes blending or fusing, but in the main reaching downwards in search of an unseen connection.

Original available for purchase at Saatchi Art online…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak


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