Organic State (Sperm Count) #2


I’m continuing to work in my studio on ‘dribble’ paintings whilst the extra-warm weather is allowing me to overlay several coats of paint in a single day without them smudging, mixing or merging… and I see on the French météo report that fair weather is set to continue until at least next Wednesday when some rain might arrive. Actually, the prospect of some rain is tempting me to lay-out a few large sheets of pre-painted watercolour paper to see if and how the effects of raindrops (will it be light drizzle or lashing stair-rods?) are at blending perhaps a multi-colour background with spots and spatters of colour introduced during the natural precipitation

I completed two large pieces yesterday (“Organic State #1” was uploaded last night) and started a third on the same theme later in the afternoon using a sheet of 75 x 56 cms thin, buff-coloured cardboard rather than watercolour paper to as to study the absorbency effect and also to see how the tonality of the paint changed on a more absorbent, duller surface… and is still at an experimental stage as I drop extra colours onto it.

For this second piece of artwork in the on-going “Organic State” series I have used a ‘cold’ blue, black and white palette of colours on a 45° sloping sheet of heavy, smooth Arches Platine cold-pressed, hand-made watercolour paper 76 x 56 cms (30 x 22 inches) in size in trying to express the slow movement of organic forms intermingling with each other, sometimes blending or fusing, but in the main reaching downwards in search of an unseen connection… or are they swimming upwards like sperms?

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Image © 2014 Ed Buziak


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