Organic State (Sperm Count) #3


A fourth day in my studio on ‘dribble’ paintings… but with only one completed. I worked on two large pieces yesterday and then this morning along the same theme, but using different colours from the red, orange and yellow part of the colour charts.

For this third piece of artwork in the on-going “Organic State” series I have used a ‘warm’  palette of colours on smooth Arches Platine cold-pressed, hand-made 76 x 56 cms (30 x 22 inches) watercolour paper. Again I have tried to express the slow movement of organic forms intermingling with each other, sometimes blending or fusing. Last evening a friend posted on Facebook the comment, “Thousands of balloons” against the multi-coloured “Organic State #1” which I had simply not seen before in that way.


For a few days I had been imagining a downward movement in these abstract compositions – moving with the gravitational flow of the paint. Strangely, my friend saw an upward direction with balloons… and bizarrely, at the same time as I edited my WordPress blog text and Saatchi Art keywords list to include, “or are they swimming upwards like sperms?” and “sperm”.

When I checked the number of works for sale on Saatchi using the keyword “balloons” there were 872 hits (I thought there could have been more)… whereas “sperm” produced 136 hits which was more than I thought. So for the two latest “Organic State” artworks, which are more monochromatic, I will include “Sperm Count” in their titles.

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak


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