Drifting at Sea


This is an acrylic painting on a large 76 x 56 cms (30 x 22 inches) sheet of Arches Platine paper made during the same couple of days I was working on the two “Pop Camouflage” works illustrated and described here last week. It uses an unusual combination of colours for me – Plum, Pea Green and pale Sky Blue, for want of better descriptive names, although I’m sure the tubes – despite a little mixing and watering down with Titanium White and Paynes Grey, said nothing of the sort. However, the colour combination has stuck in my mind for another not so complimentary reason.

The first visitor to see this piece said, in very direct terms, that I should more or less consider giving up trying to sell paintings and find an outlet for my creativity as a printed textile designer… her punch line being, “I don’t like what you’ve been painting recently as artworks, but I would certainly buy some of them if they were dresses or curtains!” When I think of it though, I was trained as an interior designer at art college, and since the mid-1960s have always admired, and sometimes bought, the printed cotton products under the label of Marimekko, the Finnish designer and producer, so perhaps subliminally I have been channelled in that direction. On their website I found one particularly relevant statement, “Marimekko design is communicative but not ingratiating. It exhibits contradictions and courage to see beauty in everyday life, stemming from a strong passion for creating something new and a belief in intuition.”

This artwork is for sale at Saatchi Art…


Image © 2014 Ed Buziak


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