No Money… No Drawing


I reposted this image on one of my Tumblr pages today because it is an important point to be noted between all creative types and their friends/clients. Following the text by Inma Lorente I have posted her bio on Tumblr at – Hope you enjoy, and duly note!

inmalorente: wrote…

Hello! I’ve created this poster as an announcement that I will not be offering my work to clients that approach me with empty pockets in the future. I did it in the past, mostly after finishing my studies on Illustration, but now I understand that this does not help our profession. I’ve come to the realisation that the best way to practice and promote ourselves is through developing personal projects, creating our own stories and then, why not, edit them ourselves. If customers don’t arrive right away, that’s fine! The key is to draw, draw, draw and create from within ourselves, so that we can give our best out there.

From now on, I’m expecting to receive only paid offers. If none arrives, I should focus on my personal projects, or even drawing under a tree.

I will also limit the time I spend on the internet, as I’ve discovered it absorbs way too much of my time. There is something dark and magnetic going on with social media, something that draws me from my creative process, and I don’t like it at all. From now on, my time here will have a concrete purpose.

I’m sharing this letter just in case someone feels similarly, or gets any inspiration from it. Big hug to everyone!! 🙂

Inma Lorente (Valencia 1985)

She studied graphic design after two years of working in a telecommunications company in the marketing department decides to travel to Barcelona to study illustration. It is at this point that begins to discover her true motivation. Decides to refocus her career and develop a personal style that feels great work.

Currently divides her time between her personal work and the implementation of projects such as advertising agencies or Doubleyou and Bassat.

Her work came to Mexico last year with a project to Hotmail, which has received two awards for advertising. Festival círculo de Oro, the most important advertising festival in Mexico and a Sol de Plata in Integrated Campaigns category in the ad in Spanish El Sol.

She also works for a cultural magazine illustrating newspaper articles along with other illustrators.

She like the archaic art and abstract expressionism. She does not like the academic or the rules. What a good time breaking perspectives and proportions.

Enjoy free drawing. Her basic tool is intuition.

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  1. Angela said:

    I am an Artist and also a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor for over 25 years and I always try to emphasize this point to students. You must charge everyone for your services, even when you are a student. If they can’t come into the school and part with the nominal $8 USD fee to have you do their hair then they don’t respect you as a Stylist in training and are not entitled to your services.

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