This is my first oil painting for possibly 50 years… or at least 40. I spent yesterday recovering more than 30 tubes of oil paint which have survived from art college days in the early ’60s, plus a few more tubes I’ve found during my travels which needed serious work to free the stubborn caps to salvage the still soft and gooey contents without having to cut away the tube bottoms!

This imaginative landscape is of the English Southern Downs… possibly Wiltshire where I lived for around 20 years enjoying the rolling scenery and farmland from my abode on the northern edge of the vast expanse of Salisbury Plain. Of course this painting is created from my memory of how I still see the Downlands… very open, changing colour often, and always with the symbolic clumps of trees on the skyline which often delineated the route of the Great Ridgeway, that ancient thoroughfare of around 4,500 years of age and undoubtedly a principal route of travel and communication in the Neolithic, or New Stone Age, period.

I will not be putting this item for sale on Saatchi Art or ETSY because it has been painted on a canvas dating from the 1950s and overpainted twice by me and possibly before that by the previous artist, my late wife’s uncle. There are two very small shallow dents in the canvas surface, hardly visible in normal light, but Saatchi Art would have reason to refund a purchaser under certain circumstances. However, if any viewer is interested in this work which measures 76 x 51.5 cms (30 x 20 inches) then I would be happy to discuss a price… otherwise it will hang nicely on one of my own walls.

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