This acrylic painting was made on a 80 x 60 cms (31.5 x 23.5 inches) canvas at the weekend after having an unusually bad dream during the night. I rarely dream, and when I do from what I can remember they are in monochrome, but this time I awoke with the colours of flesh pink and red blood swimming in my head! My dream was not of gore, but more of witnessing my own death… not falling, but being sucked from a height onto a studio floor covered with tubes of acrylics. Then, I read somewhere that over the weekend ‘Pluto was no longer Retrograde’ and whilst unsure of the implication of that celestial happening, it could have triggered a malfunction in my subconscious brainwaves.

So, being curious, on The Psychics Universe site I read…

“Pluto in Retrograde – Most planets in retrograde are somewhat reversed—that is, their influences can be fairly opposite of what they are normally. In Pluto’s case, when in retrograde, its influences are not reversed or opposite; rather, it seems to go into overdrive.

It can be very intense and even more fearsome. As Pluto direct forces us to face challenges outside of ourselves, Pluto retrograde forces you to look inside of yourself and face challenges. This can sometimes be unnerving, because the transformations we undergo under the influence of Pluto retrograde tend to require a complete breakdown of the old ways and ideas before we can move forward again.

Pluto brings us face to face with our shadow self. We often consider the shadow self the “dark side”. It’s our negative emotions and desires that we oppress, often don’t even like to admit to, and deal with those parts of ourselves that we do not like. When Pluto goes retrograde, it’s a good time to take on any endeavors seeking regeneration.

Pluto retrograde is a great time for delving into any personal transformations you’ve been hoping to accomplish. However, you may have to go through what seems like a trip to Hell and back for it…

And on another site…

“The planet Pluto – the seventh planet from the Earth and is associated with the afterlife realm referred to as the realm of consciousness. This afterlife realm is the realm for the final development of full consciousness. The Pluto realm of the afterlife brings regeneration and a growth in consciousness, but also can bring self-centeredness. Pluto represents spiritual growth and development of the soul and its influence is just now developing in the destiny of humanity.”

However, once awake and fortified with coffee over a four minute burst of Steve ’n’ Seagulls playing “Thunderstruck” – – which I do every morning, I climbed the stairs to my studio and started working on three canvasses during the same session… the first one finished being the above “Anger Management #1” which is now on sale at Saatchi Art. Also unusually for my methods of working, I am studying and painting this series of canvasses from all four sides, only deciding on the correct orientation once the composition is finished.

Image © 2014 Ed Buziak



As I wrote yesterday, collage – from the French word coller, to glue – is a technique of art production, primarily used in the visual arts where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

And after a productive month in the studio – and preparing to throw-out the scattered newspapers and out-of-date street advertising posters used for paint spills and splashes – I looked at some areas of accidental spills and splashes with deeper interest and thought of a collage arrangement.

It took the remainder of the day to measure, select, tear and paste the three basic elements of this piece into place; carefully wrapping each piece of pasted paper around the edge of the canvas’ frame and then stapling in place for a permanent fix. Then I added an air-gun target, found at a fairground a few years ago and kept in my bag of printed ephemera, old maps, tickets, labels and wrappers, before finally dropping more blue paint “droppings” to tie the three bands of torn paper together.

I must add that visually and experimentally I am very excited by this piece. Although some viewers will look upon it as “grunge” I feel very encouraged by progress in a different direction with my artwork… maybe it is a seminal piece. Obviously I hope it sells… but if it doesn’t I will be equally pleased to have it hanging on my own walls for a long time to come!

This artwork is for sale at Saatchi Art…

Image © 2014 Ed Buziak


After a fourth and fifth day (last weekend) in the studio working specifically on ‘dribble’ paintings I decided to take a break from that subject and technique to experiment and create in other areas… currently I have many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day to proceed on more than one of them at a time. I suppose I’m lucky to be in a position where I’m not stuck for an idea! So, here is the last current one of the series on 75 x 55 cms card… a multi-coloured release of balloons floating upwards…

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Image © 2014 Ed Buziak


This is an acrylic composition in reds, yellows and blues… applied and scraped across the paper surface (43lbs Canson white smooth cartridge) with a decorator’s paint scraper. I created this piece last year in conjunction with several others using a broad range of colours… this example being the most striking with the thin, scraped acrylic paint becoming semi-transparent in several places.

This artwork is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Image © 2013 Ed Buziak


A fourth day in my studio on ‘dribble’ paintings… but with only one completed. I worked on two large pieces yesterday and then this morning along the same theme, but using different colours from the red, orange and yellow part of the colour charts.

For this third piece of artwork in the on-going “Organic State” series I have used a ‘warm’  palette of colours on smooth Arches Platine cold-pressed, hand-made 76 x 56 cms (30 x 22 inches) watercolour paper. Again I have tried to express the slow movement of organic forms intermingling with each other, sometimes blending or fusing. Last evening a friend posted on Facebook the comment, “Thousands of balloons” against the multi-coloured “Organic State #1” which I had simply not seen before in that way.


For a few days I had been imagining a downward movement in these abstract compositions – moving with the gravitational flow of the paint. Strangely, my friend saw an upward direction with balloons… and bizarrely, at the same time as I edited my WordPress blog text and Saatchi Art keywords list to include, “or are they swimming upwards like sperms?” and “sperm”.

When I checked the number of works for sale on Saatchi using the keyword “balloons” there were 872 hits (I thought there could have been more)… whereas “sperm” produced 136 hits which was more than I thought. So for the two latest “Organic State” artworks, which are more monochromatic, I will include “Sperm Count” in their titles.

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak


Have been working in my studio for much of the day on ‘dribble’ paintings using a fully-charged brush of slightly watered-down (between milk and single cream in consistency) acrylic paint on a 45° sloping sheet of heavy, smooth watercolour paper 64 x 45 cms (25 x 17.5 inches) in size. The extra-warm weather allowed me to overlay several coats of paint in a single day without them smudging, mixing or merging. Normally in the cooler months a work of this apparent complexity would have to be spread over two days to allow for drying.

I completed two large pieces today (“Organic State #2” will be uploaded tomorrow) and started a third on the same theme later in the afternoon using a sheet of 75 x 56 cms thin, buff-coloured cardboard rather than watercolour paper to as to study the absorbency effect and also to see how the tonality of the paint changed on a more absorbent, duller surface.


Here in “Organic State #1” I have used a full palette of colours in trying to express the slow movement of forms intermingling with each other, sometimes blending or fusing, but in the main reaching downwards in search of an unseen connection.

Original available for purchase at Saatchi Art online…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak


During the later stages of the recent football World Cup (which I didn’t watch on TV as I have no connection or access, even if I had wanted to… which I didn’t) I made a few visual scribbles from newspaper reports with brightly coloured wax crayons in a sketchpad recording which teams were playing each other by noting the dominant colours their national flags used, and in what pattern or sequence.

Perhaps thankfully, although it did help my thoughts on artistic composition, the English team were eliminated in the knock-out stages… I say thankfully because painting in an abstract style the Union Flag (what the BBC always incorrectly refer to as the Union Jack) would have been overly complex; and their strip, principally their shirts, being white would have been rather nondescript to say the least.


Well, the World Cup has been played and won and won’t be around for another four years… so my opportunity to be literally “on the ball” with my timing of a portfolio of subjects to appeal to supporters of those sporting nations has no possibility of going into “extra time”. However, I do have a finished example of what I was thinking of for that particular the with “Action Man Blue” – a 60 x 80 cmd semi-abstract acrylic work on canvas, painted with the same broad 100 cms (4 inch) brush and a similar technique as described in my previous WordPress blog entry entitled “Scrape”.

This painting is currently for sale at Saatchi Art…

Images © 2014 Ed Buziak

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